Assignment 1

Framing the Image




Interesting Photographers

There are so many photographers out there, some are very well known. And there are others who are not as well known. Here are two photographers that I found very interesting:

Brett Stanley:

Brett Stanley is a commercial photographer, he focuses mainly on photos for fashion and advertising.

For his commercial photos, Brett prefers to do location photography, because he finds this provides more excitement to the shoot. This type of photography forces him to have to take the weather and environment into account. Brett recently did a series of underwater models. With underwater photography, he has to find a way to light the models and have the model hold their breaths, but at the same time trying to look relaxed.

The majority of Brett’s photos are in colour and placed vertically, his subjects are usually in a central placement with almost a single, central lighting in the front.

Brett grew up in Australia, where he was always very close to the waters. So it’s no wonder how he got his love for the water and all its aspects. When he started doing underwater photography, he focused on marine life and the fish that swam by. However, one day during his shoots, he saw his first humpback whales. He was amazed and terrified at the same time, and it was while looking through the photos of the whales that he thought it may be better for him to stick with models that were a lot smaller and in a higher abundance.


Christian Richter:

Christian Richter is known for his fine art architecture and landscape photography. He also does minimalist photography occasionally.

Christian is known for his photos of abandoned buildings and perspective photos of staircases. In these buildings, often light doesn’t comes through very easily, so he would have to consider the lighting in the photos he takes and the position in which he will take his photos.

Most of Christian’s photos are in colour and placed horizontally. He usually places himself to make the photos visually pleasing and the perspective very noticeable.

Christian always saw many sights, while he was traveling Europe, even before he became a photographer. When he did become a photographer, he was fascinated with abandoned buildings, especially those who were slowly being reclaimed by nature. Nature is a strong motif throughout his photography, for he enjoys the idea that nature has and will always have the upper hand in the interactions between man and nature.



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